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Every Farmer and Stockman Knows the Value of a Good Fence.

Without them, there would be no established land boundaries, no protection for crops, no control over the breeding and feeding or safety of livestock and profitable farm management would be virtually impossible. In fact, the first step in establishing any successful agricultural enterprise is the erection of sturdy, reliable fences.

Once limited to placing stone walls or split logs around small, highly productive acreage, fencing has evolved through enclosing and subdividing larger tracts of land of lower productivity. This became practical before the turn of this century with the invention of low-cost barbed wire, and, a few years later, with the introduction of woven wire fencing.

Higher land costs and higher costs for farm machinery, feedstuffs, fuel, fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals - as well as labor - have made the more efficient use of every available acre of land more vital than ever and have intensified the need for reliable, low-cost fences that do the job, such as high-tensile wire fences constructed with 12.5 gauge MAX-TEN 200 HIGH-TENSILE FENCE WIRE.