Constructing Fence Using MAX-TEN 200

There are 15 important steps in Constructing a High Tensile fence:

  1. Laying out the fence line
  2. Cleaning the line
  3. Placing end, corner and gate posts
  4. Stringing the guide wire
  5. Driving the line posts
  6. Constructing end, corner and gate post brace assemblies
  7. Stringing the Line Wires
  8. Splicing the wire
  9. Stapling high tensile wire
  10. Tensioning the wire
  11. Measuring the wire
  12. Grounding wire fences for lightning protection 
  13. Locating and installing farm gates
  14. Erecting panels of boards
  15. Installing flood gates

For more detailed information regarding the construction of high tensile fences can be found in our manual, "How to build fences with MAX-TEN 200 High-Tensile Fence Wire".